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Originally Posted by Ironman289 View Post
We use good ole' WD-40 on our machine parts get shipped from over seas. Don't know how well that will work on the guns but I can't see it hurting anything other than the wood.
I spray mine down with WD-40 just to let it soak on the barreled action while I get all my stuff ready, but mineral spirits cuts through that stuff like a hot knife through butter. I use WD-40 on the metal after I give it a good soaking with Hoppes 9 lubricating oil. Mineral spirits is the best tool because if you soak small parts like the trigger assy and bolt parts in it, it will loosen up the cosmo then you can just wipe it off easy. Mineral spirits can also be used on the wood. My process for getting it off is one I learned on surplus rifle. Wipe the stock with a rag soaked in mineral spirits until all cosmoline is removed, let it dry to a white haze, and then take 0000 steel wool soaked in boiled linseed oil and gently scrub the stock keeping the 0000 steel wool wet, then let it sit for 30 minutes and wipe it off. The stock will never stick to your hands.


These are what I shoot out of my baby, my finnish M39 if anyone was wondering.

Lee C312-185-1r sized to .311 over 13grs of red dot, prvi cases, cci LR primers, hornady crimp on gas check, lubed with liquid alox.

EDITx2: It also very essential that you run a lot of tight fitting patches soaked in mineral spirits down the bore and through the chamber to clean all last bits of cosmoline out. You don't want it causing any sticky bolt, and if you got a burr in the chamber and you aren't very proficient with powertools and don't have enough knowledge about firearms to do ityourself, you'll need to take it to a smith. Out of all the mosins I have, I only got one with a burr in the chamber. For the first 20 rounds, I had to beat the bolt back to rip the cartridge out, and the burr would gouge the brass. Now that I've got about 100 rounds through the rifle, it's smooth as butter. Just know that if you have a burr, and it's not so bad that you can't even eject the cartridge, but can eject it by hitting the bolt handle with your hand, just run a lot of steel cased ammo through it. It will clear up soon.
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I have a 6th grade education but have alot of common sense.

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