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They are all gonna have cosmoline on them more than likely.

As to the best ammo? Whatever your rifle likes. Most of the surplus is good stuff and will shoot great out of most mosins, but is corrosive. Many people make a big stink about corrosive ammo saying it will rust your gun within 30 minutes if you dont clean it, wrong. Corrosive ammo has salts in the priming compound, and those salts deposit in your bore when you fire the rifle. If those salts come into contact with moisture, they oxidize. It can very seriously rust your bore. Most idiots spray windex down their bore when they leave the range and come home to find the bore full of oxidation. I've never had that problem. I've let my mosins go 2 days without cleaning after shooting corrosive ammo, but I didn't let them come into contact with moisture. When I do decide to clean mine, I just clean them with windex and then follow normal cleaning procedures, but I don't make a big stink about it because it's no big deal. Armies around the world wouldn't issue corrosive ammo if it would make the guns rust to the point not being usable overnight. The russians didn't clean their rifles sometimes for a week during the battle on the volga in stalingrad.
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