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Originally Posted by Ironman289 View Post
My take on corrosive ammo = any powder formulas that use salts in the mixtures makes the bore rust (oxidize) when it absorbs moisture. It shouldn't be a problem unless you neglect your gun though.

If it were as big of a problem as its hyped up to be then there wouldn't be very many older guns left intact and use-able. I'd imagine its rather hard to find an antique gun thats never been used.
The salts are in the priming compound, not the powder and there's lots of them in surplus ammo because it's berdan primed. Berdan primed ammo is where the anvil for the primer is in the case, and it has 2 flash holes, and the primer is merely a cup full of priming compound, where as a boxer primed case (the kind you will see 90% of the time in factory made and the kind that is most common and easiest to reload) has the anvil inside of the primer and 1 flash hole.

Originally Posted by FertileTurtle View Post
what is this "corrosive ammo" you speak of? like, aluminum on steel? i'm not sure if that's exactly what i'm thinking of, but i'm durnk do cut me some sslakck.
This corrosive ammo I speak of, is ammunition where a certain type of salts has been placed in the priming compound. These salts placed in the priming compound allow the ammo to last longer in bad conditions, and also makes the priming compound more sensitive when it's colder, because priming compound is pressure sensitive. Upon firing the ammo, the salts are then deposited in the bore, because gun powder doesn't explode, gunpowder burns and turns into a gas... where as primers explode and deposit their soot and crap all over the place. Take a primed case without any powder or bullet and fire it off in your gun (wear ear muffs and eye protection, and do this in the garage with loud music to muffle the noise!) and watch all the sparks fly out of the end of the muzzle, of course this is not possible for you unless you reload. Just make sure you don't expose your bore to moisture after firing your rifle with corrosive ammo like... don't take it out in the rain, don't spray windex down the bore right away, don't spit or pee down it etc.. etc.. etc... Just put the rifle in the case and go home and clean it within a timely manner, like 1-3 days. It's not a big deal.

EDIT: When you do clean it within 1-3 days, use warm soapy water, or windex on the first few patches you run down the bore. This will push all the salts out, especially the warm soapy water. Just soak a few patches in it, or however many patches it takes to get a tight fit and run them down the bore.
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I have a 6th grade education but have alot of common sense.

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