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look what i found, 2X4!!!
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11.5 Hour surgery. The lead doctor gave up at around 9 hours cause he couldn't think anymore since he'd been up for nearly 40 hours. One of his assisting surgeons had an idea and he let her run with it. She was able to connect my veins and save my hand. Five years ago they would have amputated it

My hand was all but chopped off, save the tendons in my thumb and forefinger. Its been a journey.

ghtp~ yeah PT 2-3 times a week plus constant home working, splints, stretching. I know i will not have a perfect hand when its all healed. My goal is to have the dexterity to be able to play a video game. I'm a log ways away but i'll get there. No plates. I had pins in all of my fingers. Made me look like Wolverine. But when the bones were healed enough the removed them.

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