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I know this thread is old, but i just bought the L7 bolt in conjunction with 360 qev and wanted to revisit this.
Here are the two things that concerns me...

1. will a lighter bolt automatically decrease kick? so lets say my dwell is set at 50, i put a new bolt in and leave dwell at 50.
a. will i notice a significant decrease in kick without adjusting dwell?
b. If not, will adjusting dwell down to lets say 20 show a significant decrease in kick?

2. recharge
Is it possible for the recharge to be set too low? I know earlier in the post OP recommends setting it at 0, but does this mean that the marker might not have enough time to "recharge" between shots and will cause shoot-down?

.. or is the shoot-down and kick completely controlled by dwell setting and bolt weight?
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