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Question What mask should I get?

I'm sure this forum has seen this been asked a thousand times, but i was wondering what mask would be the best for my money. I probably want something with a double walled lens so it doesn't fog up on me, a quick to change lense, and really good protection. By really good protection I mean that it actually covers my forehead, ears, and the bottom of my face, i have seen several that just leave too much room. I don't want to be talking and then get nailed in the jaw because my mask is too short.

i have looked at a lot of reviews but there are sooooo many masks I just want to make sure I don't miss any masks I haven't seen that that I like better.

Thanks for any input!

btw, I have a walmart mask and I was wondering how safe it really is, the people at the shop say the lenses arent as sturdy at others . But then again they also told me hoppies oil would fry my gun and it says to use it in the A5 manual for the gun I baught from them.
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