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Worst Paintball Fields Played

Add stories of the worst paintball fields you've ever played at. This isn't to bad-mouth a field just because you broke a rule that they then enforced. This is so horror stories of crappy owners and cheating players become known. This should either lead to positive change at those fields or would help discourage players from wasting their money on a sub-par experience. Either write a short paragraph about your experience or direct people to your field review and talk about it here.

But boy, do I have a story for you...

Read my field review of the Carney Park Paintball Field in Italy. That is unquestionably the worst excuse for a paintball field I have ever played at. I'd rather not clutter up this thread by pasting my review here and taking up space. Let me know what you think. >>>>Remeber, be polite and mature on this thread<<<<

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