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Originally Posted by speedy2k4 View Post
Looking for a used dirt bike, any make/model suggestions?
If you have 0 experience on motorcycles, or only a little, stay off any 2 stroke (yz,kx,cr,rm 125-250). Same goes with the 4 stroke race bikes.

Originally Posted by speedy2k4 View Post
I would imagine a 4 stroke would be less likely to dump you if you give it too much throttle. And mixing fuel is an inconvenience. But it sounds like a 250 four stroke is not enough, and I've read a bunch of posts saying 4 strokes are unreliable and require more maintenance. I don't see why, pretty much everything is 4 stroke these days and it's not difficult to adjust valve clearance and such, but that's what I've read.

Basically I've read a lot of mixed opinions. It sounds like a 450 four stroke is the way to go, trick is finding one used for a good price.
I'm only going to say this once. I've been riding and racing motorcycles for over 10 years now.

You don't understand how radical a 4 stroke or 2 stroke race bike is. These 4 stroke thumpers put out monster torque. Those 4 stroke race bikes are radical and will dump your *** before you can blink or even have time to scream. On motocross bikes, you literally touch the throttle and the front wheel is off the ground. The reason these modern 4 stroke race bikes (don't confuse these bikes, like the yz 250 and 450F with stuff like the honda XR motorcycles) are so unreliable, is because they're single cylinder 4 stroke race bikes, they're capable of putting out 13,000-14,000 RPM, and with all the moving parts of a 4 stroke, they break very easy, and the maintenance is ridiculous on them. They also need a top end like a 2 stroke, and one 4 stroke top end is a years worth of 2 stroke top ends. Keep in mind, inline 4 sportbikes rev to 14k RPM's. If you are on a budget, you do not want a 4 stroke motocross bike.

And you won't be saying a yz250f, or something equivalent is not enough power when you go ride one. If you want to be a jack ***, and jump on a yz250f, or be out of your mind and jump on a yz450f with no exerpience, same goes with a yz125, or yz250 or equivalent, then be my guest. But when you get hurt you'll understand. You need to start with something like a yamaha TTR, even the bigger yamaha TTR's are not radical like the YZ's. Much tamer.

Let me put it this way. My 05 KX125 put out 32 horse power. That bike would wheelie with my dads 280 pound *** on it wide open up to 5th gear, and the front tire would just hover off the ground in 6th gear. These bikes are race bikes for a reason, and with a 2 stroke, you have all that power on tap, and they're maybe even a little more radical than the 4 stroke race bikes, just don't have the torque.

It's your money, but I'd listen to the experienced racer before I went out and hurt myself on a race bike.
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Originally Posted by BlueMongoose View Post
I have a 6th grade education but have alot of common sense.

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