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Originally Posted by spydyrodeo View Post
If you have 0 experience on motorcycles, or only a little, stay off any 2 stroke (yz,kx,cr,rm 125-250). Same goes with the 4 stroke race bikes.
Yeah I think that is bad advice.
I agree a newbie to riding shouldn't get a race bike and should start out a bike small enough they can handle, but not small enough that they will get bored in a week.
But to throw out a blanket statement of "stay off any two stroke" is just bad advice. I've ridden two and four stroke dirt bikes and they will both lay you on your a$$ if you decide to be a moron and jack the throttle. But their are plenty of 2-stroke bikes that I would recommend for a beginner.

That being said, I would start on an older bike. Not some 2000-2010 Yamaha. If you get an older bike you won't feel like a retard when you drop if for the first time. Find something like in the 1989-1998 range. Two stroke look in the 125-250 range and four-strokes you could look a touch bigger like maybe less then 360, but a 125 would probably be too small.
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