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is kind of a big deal
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Went to the cycle shop just to look at what they had, talked to two people and both of them told me different things (just like everyone else I ask.) The first guy wanted to sell me a 125F, which power aside is smaller than my mountain bike and I know isn't going to work. The second guy told me to look for a 230F trail bike, they didn't have any in stock at the time.

About the trail bike, what kind of abuse can they take? I don't plan on competitive racing or jumping over buildings anytime soon and may never use a motocross bike to it's full capabilities, but I also don't typically cruise casually along trails.

With my 250 trail quad I do some jumps and I'm pretty much always at full throttle. It won't go any faster and won't jump any higher without breaking, I don't want to be in this situation with a bike. Can a 4 stroke 230-250 trail bike stand being at full throttle most of the time, and can the suspension take bigger jumps? Or should I be looking for something like a 125/250F motocross bike?
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