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Marriage, divorce, 3 different countries, lived in a car and tent for two months, violence, bloodshed, betrayal, deception, backstabbing, death threats, preventing my own murder, explosions, evil, pitch black walks in the desert, billions of stars, blackhawk helicopter rides, waking up in pools of my own sweat, hardcore tests passed, thigh deep in swamps, edges of 1000+ foot cliffs no soul 100 miles in either direction, temperature variation of outside enviroment ranged from -65 to 130+, Alaska touched a section just outside the arctic ocean, Yukon Territory, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Florida. I feel like I was in the wilderness for four years. I come back to civilization and it's like I walked out of a time machine. Would of been fun, if I wasn't so close to psychos and psychopaths.

I am back to my normal boring life now. I do the same thing every day now until I die. I don't think my body is built up enough for another adventure like that. I can't take the run through of emotions like that again without losing my life. I barely made it out alive physically. This civilization is so mellow. I have to get used to having rights now.

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