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Thanks for the help. I got an 05 with all the stuff I mentioned in the last post for $350. I couldn't be happier. Since you guys do such a good I have another one I am looking at. It is a Karnivor. Serial Number is 1088. It is stock except for a Orange Paintball carbon fiber bolt and a Zero-b 1.10 board. It has WGP qev's installed and comes with a DYE ultraheavy 2 piece barrel, an Empire hopper that looks like a Halo, and he says it was lawsuit model. It is blue and black lightning. It will also probably have a 42 ci 3000 psi tank included if the offer is good. It also has the original velocity adjuster with it. I would say the condition to be a 8 to 8.5. It has a very small leak coming from the front 'noid, and I am not sure if it is a hose or from the 'noid its self since the leak is so small. If I did it right, there should be pictures with this. Let me know what you think for the gun is worth and the gun plus accessories. He said it can be packaged or separated. I think I can do better with all the stuff in terms of price. Thanks again, Zurg.
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