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Originally Posted by speedy2k4 View Post
So you're an actor then?
Nah. The violence I was talking about came from the vehicle suicide bomb attack and a roadside bomb. I had a disposable camera, but the pictures came out fuzzy. That disposable camera was the only technology I owned at that time. Had to start over again when I came back from that country. Things were complicated. The divorce was directly connected to the people within my job. We all had assault rifles. We all had life insurance. My benefactors had to be changed, but the only proof I changed it was a single piece of paper. There were a few people that were close to me that I was tipped off: wanted me dead. Which is why I laid low and pretended to be a little crazy [sarcastically funny in hard and dangerous situations], clueless, and stupid while watching my back.

Here is some pictures that I took of where I have been.

That little stream you see underneath my foot is actually a river with huge boulders. My friend and his wife ran through that marsh faster than anyone at my job. The mosquitos were like gnats.

After I pulled over on the side of the road and slept in my car, this is what I woke up to.

Lower 48.

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