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Originally Posted by Al Murray
Red Dawn has long since been one of my favourite films, so I'll be using this movie as the scenario for this game. The game design itself has given me sleepless nights, but after hundreds of hours of work, I think what we've got in place will blow people away. Tim and I wanted to design a game that would not only blow the players who take part in it away, but one that would for the first time ever in this country see real strategy and tactics being used and applied from a command level. I've only ever seen this happen in any meaningful way at Oklahoma D-Day in the USA but I'm confident that what we've come up with will be every bit as challenging for the command element at the Tippmann Challenge.
I'm genuinely excited, we've got an amazing venue, a completely different type of game to anything that players will have ever seen before and this time it'll be in the hopefully temperatures will at least get over zero.
The night games

Anyone who played the night game at this venue previously will atest, its something special!

We'll have burning tanks and APC's, ear splitting in-game audio, hundreds and hundreds of parachute flares floating above the town and a brand new paintball invention from Tippmann........that we're not allowed to say anything about at this stage - but it'll be spectacular!


Catering services will be provided by Nightingales - the same catering company as was used at Staargate and the CPPS. We'll be working with them to deliver a catering plan that will take into account the uniqueness of the event. We'll be attempting a 24hour food and drink service if possible.

There will also be a bar onsite, serving beers throughout the event.


This event will be clear paint only, and strictly event paint only. Due to the conditions imposed as part of using a military facility, this rule will not be negotiable.

However, the good news is that BZ Paintball will be supplying the clear paint at this event from a temperature controlled facility. BZ request that you provide an indication as to how many boxes of paint you will require when you purchase your ticket by typing the amount into the 'Comments' box during the ticket purchase process. You will not be held to that amount and there will be additional supplies onsite - but an indication would be very useful.



Pyro's will kill at this event. So if you want to clear a room, simply throw a flashbang through the window or door and clear out the occupants. Pyro will be provided by Shoreline and this will be an event pyro only game. Prices to be released prior to the event and team/bulk deals will be available.

Parking/Camping/Access Times etc

Don't forget, this is just the launch, full event information will be issued via a Player Pack before the event.

Parking will be located at G-Range as per the last time we used this facility. However, a kit taxi van AND minibus will be on hand to ferry players and equipment between the car park and admin/playing area.

Camping will be available onsite and all players are recommended to camp onsite for the event. The camping field will be split into zones, one for each faction. There will be no sleeping in the buildings as these will be within the playing area.

Access times and routes will be released in the Player Pack.

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