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The Generals

For many events, the role of the Generals or Faction Leaders is to recruit and then come up with a vague plan to be implemented on the day. This game will be totally different. For a start, there will be no recruitment requirements as the tickets are likely to sell out very quickly.

For this event, the role of the Faction Leaders and Generals will be much more that of a chess player or board game player. Organisation, communication and the ability to think quickly and solve complex problems whilst tired and under pressure will be key as will surrounding themselves will a Command Staff who will be able to assist them.

This is not a job for youngsters, this is a job for mature men, who can play the long game, can think and act coolly and can sit and outfox their opponents before any players have even set foot in the field - this is a job for serious thinkers. For strategists. For tacticians.

Red Army - Filip Renard - France - Dragon Pack Paintball Team
Filip is an experienced paintball player, team captain and event organiser from the Dragon Pack Paintball Team based in France. As an event organiser, Filip is used to organising large numbers of staff and players, designing games and blessed with the personality to push through his plans, even under pressure.

Spetznaz - Barry Holden - Dog Soldiers
Barry was born for this role. As a manager in civvie street, he's used to running a large team of staff and overseeing the organisation of a large operation. However, it is Barry's other hobby which will put him in good stead for this role. Barry plays strategic board games at a competitive level and even founded his own competitive strategic board game club which numbers over 40 people. A mix of organisation and obvious flare for strategic thinking will make Barry a formidable Faction Leader.

Citizens - Andy Sables - Talkpaintball Thunder
I can almost hear Andy licking his lips at this challenge. In recent years, Andy has led many of the UK's Big Games and has always brought a level of enthusiasm, organisation and planning that few others can match. This event will all be about strategy and moving units around the venue like pieces on a chess board, which will appeal to Andy's strategic approach to the game and his competitive nature will see him drive his team forward relentlessly.

Wolverines - Rob Gell - Rebel Renegades
In civvie street, Rob runs an organisation where customers, suppliers and staff all rely on him deliver the goods day after day, week after week, month after month. The mentality to do this is almost tailor made to lead a faction at this event. When Rob has Generalled paintball games in the past, two things have been noticeable: excellent communications and a solid tactical plan well executed on the field......both these skills will be put to the limit at TCUK. Rob has the benefit of being part of a very large, but close knit team.......each Faction Leader will require help and assistance, the Command Team they surround themselves with could be a game winning decision.

Quotes from Shoreline and Tippmann

Originally Posted by Tim Barnett, Shoreline Events
We are delighted to renew our agreement with Tippmann for the Tippmann Challenge UK event and we are enormously excited about the prospect for next years very ambitious event.
When I last ran an event at this facility, all 400 tickets sold out in 13 minutes. For many players, it was the best paintball experience of their lives. However, for the Tippmann Challenge UK 2012 we have some very special plans which we feel will top anything that has gone before. For a start, players can play for the entire 54 hours if they wish, without the need to leave the field. Nobody has ever achieved such an ambitious format before anywhere in the world to my knowledge and to offer that for up to 500 players is going to be a real challenge. Players will be able to play as much or as little as they want with plenty to keep the entertained and occupied during periods when they decide not to play.
The Sennybridge facility is astonishing, it is an entire town and has to be viewed as the ultimate paintball venue, after all, how often do paintballers get to play in an entire town?
Originally Posted by Brent Cunningham, Tippmann Sports
We are so excited about next years Tippmann Challenge UK. I travel the world and I don’t remember seeing a venue quite like what we have for this event and the game format of a rolling 54 hour game is genuinely something new and innovative for the players. Tippmann will be there with a full trade stand and team of technicians to support our customers. We’ve had two great Tippmann Challenge events in the UK in the past two years with our partner Shoreline, but the 2012 version looks to be very special indeed and we look forward to seeing players from all over Europe next July at Sennybridge.

Ok.....lets not mess about - we expect tickets to sell fast.........very fast.

The last time we run a game at this venue, all 400 tickets sold out in 13 minutes, leaving some very disappointed paintballers.

Each faction will have 100 tickets allocated to them.

Players can book into any faction they choose. You can purchase as many tickets as you wish in one go.

There is a Paypal option available, but player paying by Paypal will not get a choice of faction - you will be randomly allocated. If this does not suit you, then pay by card.

In order to maintain fairness and equal opportunity for all, we will not take telephone bookings. Bookings will be via card or Paypal on the website only. If for some reason you are not able to access a PC at 7pm next Wednesday, ask a mate or family member to make your purchase for you online.

Tickets will cost £60. This is a little higher than the average ticket price for a paintball event, but MOD facilities and staffing a 3 day, 2 night game is eye wateringly expensive, so we make no apologies for increasing the ticket price to partially cover those costs. An normal event at 6 hours for £50 is a per cost hour of £8.33 per hour. This event at 54 hours for £60 is a per hour cost of £1.11 per hour!


The Tippmann Challenge UK 2012 will make headlines around the world. It will be the worlds longest ever running game. It will be played at one of the best locations in world paintball. The game is a Tippmann event, Tippmann being one of the worlds great paintball companies and organised by Shoreline Events, a ground breaking paintball events company. The game will be designed by Al Murray, the man who literally wrote the book on Scenario Paintball. That is a lot of boxes ticked!

Tickets will sell fast, very fast. Maybe it'll take 10 minutes, maybe an hour, maybe a week.....who knows. But what we do know is - this will be a seminal paintball event, talked about in the same tones as Call To Duty III in Croatia and the last event at Sennybridge. This is be a defining game in UK scenario paintball and one watched with interest and envy by players from around the world.

This will be....................

The Tippmann Challenge UK 2012!
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