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Originally Posted by mr-canada View Post
Well hello all 10 of you!

CSPO ( ) was founded in December 2005 and grew wildly across Canada spanning from Victoria, BC to Corner Brook, NL. During a tremendous 5 years we actually stopped recruiting online.

We are now looking for new active members. We have a full patch system, rank infrastructure, a great brand new website (unfortunately all the old user accounts and posts were lost) featuring full facebook and social media integration, recruitment by mobile phone, hundreds and hundreds of articles and videos, forums, event calendar, every player gets a player log with kill/death ratio counts.

We are in the process of developing a whole new squad management system and ranks are based on ongoing participation in the organization

We are not looking for just anyone. Lessons learned over the past five years taught us that our officers need to be screened for professionalism, dedication to the woodsball/scenario side of the sport, courtesy and fair play, and business acumen (we operate our Hired Guns Series of cash scenario paintball tournaments).

What we are looking for is officer grade players. People who can recruit at the fields and tell people about CSPO; train junior officers and delegate not only responsibility but authority. People who are capable of organizing CSPO scenario games in their respective areas.

What's in it for you? Participation in a nationwide organization. Sticking it to the speedball side of the sport because what we bring to the table is cash prize tournaments so you dont have to play in a baloon park to play competitively. Top level officers even make some money for their efforts if they are successful in acheiving their objectives. The ability to access the most rapid recruiting system ever devised (a lot of the big teams out there were built within CSPO before they chose to go their own way).

If you have the energy, loyalty, dedication to something larger than yourself - then come by CSPO, check us out, and if you like what you see introduce yourself in the forums or ask some questions.

You can login via facebook, msn, gmail, yahoo, twitter and a variety of other social media services. Our site will even auto import your avatar.

Join Canada's paintball army - and become one of the second generation of our new officer corps.

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