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This is crazy. I remember being on this site 24/7. I didn't post a whole hell of a lot, more reading and learning than anything. I am not sure why I logged on today, but seeing how empty it is makes me sad. Like, really sad. It takes me back to when I was younger.

I don't ball any more. I think I still have some parts in the garage though, a few regulators, a CO2 tank, maybe a hopper shell or two. Hell, it's in a box marked junk.

19 years old, sophmore in college. Engaged. Working at a local cigar shop. Still living in Evansville. Alot of people say 19 is young to be engaged, but we've been together two years, live in a apartment together, and are mildly successful together. We own two cars, and my bike. Done paying on them, just rent and bills.

Other than that not a whole hell of a lot. I think I am gonna go lurk in some old threads of mine now. See ya guys around.
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