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Ha, after posting on here I decided to go look through that junk box. I had a full brand new in the box Ion in there. Stuck the air compressor to it and ran the trigger just to hear that pop pop. Miss that sound. Miss the thwack thwack thwack of the paintballs too.

Remember when the biggest stress in life was dropping a full bag of paint? Or busting a macro line? Or how about after a long day of playing going home and counting the bruises? ****, those were the days.

I forgot to mention my local field shut down, shortly after I quit working there. I went down there one day to take a look and everything's gone. The fields/nets/bunkers/ even the club house. The big *** concrete fort even got demolished. almost made me sad.

Now I am cleaning my real guns, and watching Monk on Netflix. Ha, it's amazing to see how much I have grown up, and how my grammar has improved. Lopez17, I remember I used to hate you. Lmao, stupid kid back in the day.
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