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TSSOC Presents : FALLOUT : NEW VEGAS on 6/15-16, 2013 at OXCC (MD)

1/16/13 - TSSOC Presents FALLOUT : NEW VEGAS scenario announced!

Tri-State Special Operations Command Scenario Paintball Team, partnered with OXCC Paintball in Chesapeake City, MD, is pleased to announce their upcoming production of FALLOUT : NEW VEGAS - a two-day scenario paintball game, on Saturday and Sunday, June 15th and 16th, 2013.

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War. War never changes. Though the fires of the Great War brought mankind to the very brink of extinction, one city stands alone as the last remaining bastion of civilization. Las Vegas, Nevada, a city built on risk, luck, and beating the odds, was largely spared the devastation of the outside world when the bombs fell all those years ago. Now, after more than two centuries comparative calm, the reborn and rebranded city of New Vegas will soon become a battlefield in the war its people, for so long, were able to avoid; a war fought for control of the Mojave Wasteland and one of the new world's scarcest resources: Electricity. With the mighty Hoover Dam producing near-limitless power for the city, New Vegas has become a shining beacon of neon light in an otherwise dark and lifeless world. The only question is, who will be drawn to this beacon, who has the resolve to secure it, and how will they use its overwhelming power?

Storming out of the West and claiming the all-important Hoover Dam for themselves, the forces of the New California Republic seek to pick up the pieces of the Old World and re-establish democracy and justice for all the people of the Wasteland; at the barrel of a gun, if necessary. Well-trained, well-supplied and with a right and just cause to give them purpose, the NCR seems poised to bring the Hoover Dam and the city of New Vegas under their control.

However, from the East bank of the Colorado River comes a merciless new threat from Caesar's Legion, an insular and enigmatic empire built upon the indomitable strength and unflinching loyalty of its fanatical soldiers. Under the tyrannical rule of Caesar, the Legion is singularly-minded in their crusade to conquer the Hoover Dam, capture New Vegas, subjugate its residents, and give their glorious emperor that which he desires most: a new Rome upon which to expand his empire. With the fate of New Vegas and Western North America at stake, only time would tell whether the incomparable training and firepower of the NCR or the indefatigable zeal and brutality of the Legion will be enough to secure the West's greatest prize...

Because war...war never changes.

TSSOC is excited to bring you FALLOUT : NEW VEGAS and believe it will be one of the most talked about events of the season. The scenario will incorporate places, imagery and events from the award-winning video game for an authentic feel that everyone from the first-time player to the most seasoned veteran is sure to enjoy! So join us on June 15th and 16th, 2013 at OXCC Paintball, choose your side and place your bets for control of the Mojave wasteland!

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