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Felixx Weaver (aka Chris "Yourmomsbox" D'Addario of Team Hellkatz), owner of Kingman's Barbeque in the world of Fallout : New Vegas will be sponsoring a Rib Cookoff on Saturday, June 15.

Currently, Chris "Yourmomsbox" D'Addario, Eric Gieswein of the Disposable Heroes and Alex "Mephysteaux" Reiff of Team Hellkatz will be submitting entries. For anyone else interested, please post up and also contact Yourmomsbox at the Google + event link or teamhellkatz (at) [gmail] {dot} /com/

Members from TSSOC and OXCC staff will be the judges.

Here are the rules:

Each chef shall submit 6 ribs in a blind judging box. The name of the chef will be written on the bottom of the box.

Please see "Felixx Weaver" aka Yourmomsbox for a box.

Ribs must be factory sealed upon arrival. All preparations must be done on site. Sauce on the side is not permitted, any sauce must be on the ribs. Garnish is not permitted. Submissions are due at 8:30pm. Late entries are not permitted.

Rib Judging Criteria - each weighted equally
Appearance & Overall Impression

Rib Judging Guidelines for each category:
9 - The best ribs you have ever eaten; meat is moist, great texture, meat pulls off the bone easily and cleanly, but does not fall off the bone. Six ribs easily identifiable.
8 - Excellent ribs you would happily pay money for in a restaurant
7 - Ribs worthy of being on a restaurant menu
6 - Really good ribs; you want to try more
5 - Average ribs; sauce and tenderness are appealing
4 - Average ribs an average BBQ'er might prepare
3 - Below average ribs; too tough or too tender; poor sauce
2 - Low rate ribs, if you got them at a restaurant, you would never return
1 - Poor quality food - you would send back to the kitchen
0 - Horrible, unacceptable food, essentially inedible.
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