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I havent played paintball in like forever. Spent one spring/summer practicing with the college teams. Still have 4THDEGREE's alias. Contemplated selling it since I never use it. Figure its not worth the hassle and I wont get anything for it since its "ancient," might be nice just to have in like 20-30 years.

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You're all ***.

rawr. ill poke you with the pointy end

Most recently Im in the process of building an AR15. Waiting for my lower to clear my FFL to start throwing it all together. Thatll happen in like 1.5 months due to all the craziness. Seekins lower, BCM BFH 16" with LaRue 12" handguard, BCM BCG and Gunfighter charging handle, VLTOR EMOD with Enidine hydraulic buffer. The optics and any other accessories are going to have to take a break until my wallet recuperates.

Also down the pipeline I have another lower coming in in about 1-2 weeks and that will most likely turn into an M4 SBR with knights armament can but Ill probably buy a AAC Ti-Rant before any of that fun happens.
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