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NY Jets Play Paintball

Full article can me read here.
Today was the last day of Organized Team Activities for the Jets. But instead of hitting the practice field, they played paintball.

The Jets havenít explained exactly why they did the paintball excursion, but several players wrote on Twitter that a team-building paintball excursion had replaced the final day of OTAs.

Thereís no word on how many Jets participated. OTAs are voluntary, and a paintball outing in place of OTAs would obviously be voluntary, too.

Jets coach Rex Ryan, who has faced criticism at times for creating a circus-like locker room atmosphere, has said that building team unity is an important goal. Perhaps players shooting paintballs at each other is the way to build a team.

Reporters were not invited, meaning we donít have information about whoís the more accurate shot, Mark Sanchez or Geno Smith.
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