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Another sad problem is that forums like this are dying aside from the huge ones that have the population to ride it out alot longer. Things like reddit/digg are far more appealing to younger kids because there is something for everyone.

But here's the kicker, given freedom to be adults in a forum like this I know ALOT of people that would rather have discussions in this setting than on reddit because it isn't trendy to come here and actually form/share opinions/insight.

So yes, tell your friends. Let's get some chatter in here. But I really don't hope to pull the big crowds from other online communities.

Glad to be back with you guys. For anyone interested, I'm at LSU now for Petroleum engineering. I was talked out of joining the military by MANY people. After getting the run around with multiple recruiters here telling me that the job I wanted was something they didn't like giving contracts for but that I should go through Basic anyways and hope for the best, I said F that and bit the bullet on school.

How have you all been?
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The solution is simple: kill yourselves.
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