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Originally Posted by haniousman12 View Post
I dont think most of our old members went to reddit or digg. I believe that most of them went to PBNation and McarterBrown.
I think there has got to be a better way than reaching out to friends and waiting for nostalgic old members to make PBR better. I think that it is only through our own efforts to build, post, and respond to new threads.
Eh, I wasn't really saying they went that way when they left here. I just meant that that would be a bad place to advertise for new members.

I'm all for posting and responding to new threads, but I have zero current knowledge or interest in Pb related topics. I'm sorry. I'm game for discussions in OT and anything else I can, but I won't be able to pretend that paintball still has a spot in my life. I just came back to check on people I'd befriended on here really.

Evil, have fun with that. Can be very fulfilling to set up a wonderful network or system of webpages but UGH some people you will encounter are just ridiculously stupid. Just like any job. Working at my university IT jaded me though.
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The solution is simple: kill yourselves.
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