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Business Name: Adventure Games Paintball Park

Location: Wear NH

Telephone Number: (603) 529 3524


Registration Fee: 10 bucks (they have goober days, check the site, extreemly good prices for the field) on goober days, 5 bucks.

Rental Equiptment Fee: Semi-Auto Gun Rental which includes
Face Mask and One Free CO2 > $ 15.00 Other Rental Equipment Available
Camouflage Jump Suits > $ 5.00
Camouflage Shirts > $ 3.00
Neck Protectors > $ 3.00
Paintball Harness 2 Pouch > $ 3.00
Paintball Harness 3 Pouch > $ 4.00

check for goober day prices on the site (calender)

Fill Stations: Co2 HPA up to 300
CO2 Refills
1 to 12 oz > $ 3.00
13 to 20 oz > $ 6.00
21 to 31 oz > $ 9.00
32 to 40 oz > $ 12.00

High Pressure Fills up to 3000 > $ 6.00

Fields Paint Available/ Fee: FPO goober days is 20 bucks for a bag of 500, paint is always PMI premium (medium bore)

Styles of Play Available: Woods, castles Turny fields (wooded speedball) and a few open woods fields. They are reknown for having some of the best fields there, so take a look at the gallery on the site.


Very nice place to play, some of the refs are ****s, but the majority are experienced players offering advice. All Rules are STRICTLY INFORCED. don't be surprised to hear "barrel plugs in!!!" as soon as you walk into the staging area. THe owner is a not so nice lady if you do somthing wrong, but if you sweet talk her she is decent at best. They have a pro shop right at the field, with i believe 2 airsmiths working on the weekend. You will Need a waiver if your under 18... don't forget em'
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