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Now you have a backstop, and now that it takes less force and time for the sear to let the stirker go (in other words, to shoot) Now you are going to need a frontstop to get rid of that useless slack. I just cocked mine back, pulled the trigger to where i wanted it to be, found something like paper or plastic, and stuck it where the arrow is pointing in the pic. Then i shot, re-cocked, and if the sear grabbed the striker (so you can shoot again) then it was good for me. This is what i used, a old beat up Fender pick i found on the ground.
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Wow...this is one classic thread.....ah, the good ol' days of OT...

LP Spyder TL+
CP Flame drop
CP ASA on/off
CP Spyder adapter

Evil Pipe barrel system
BRMC Anti-chop delrin bolt
KAPP twisted cocking rod

Check-it Products 15° VA
32° spring kit
Air America Vigilante with LP spring
12v smoke revvie w/ Vortex impeller, Pbr stickers, and TurboRev board
32° Magna Port valve w/ Lapco cupseal
48/3000 Pure Energy n2 tank with Extreme Rage cover
Custom Trigger Job and lots of other home done mods
Dye mini guage
Dye sticky grips
Dye (blue) 2k3 Pants
Dye (blue) 2k2 Jersey
Dye (blue) Invision
Dye (black) Sockhat
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