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Okay... listen up. You really wanna win a game of woods ball with people that are ten times better than you? Here's what ya do. I played paintball earlier (Saturday). So I still have a bit of adrenaline left in me. That's why I'm writing this. I invited a bunch of my friends who are better than me, they all play on a team together. I took my Black Dragun, a Spyder One, a Targa, and a Piranha and faced off against a Shocker, Autococker, Impulse, Tippman, and a few other guns. The biggest and two best games for me were the two last games. I had a 6 and 2 record, meaning that I shot six people and only got killed twice. That's pretty good for four games of three on three.

So you wanna know how I did it? Hiding. Efficient and well thought out hiding. It's simple and anyone can do it. I hid in some heavy brush where I could see out and it was very difficult to see me with my camouflage on. So we took our spots... then about five minutes later the best kid with the Impulse comes walking by. He looks straight at me but does not shoot me. I don't think he saw me... so I waited then lit him up. Patience helps very much. Then another kid walks by... and he is a moron. He just stood in the middle of the trail in plain sight... so I had to put about five in his chest. Then I left after about ten minutes and bunkered the only kid left that was hanging off the side of a cliff. I killed all three people two games in a row. It was pretty fun. The game before that was a good game to. I started out attacking because the other team took the walk. And I decided to go off the trail and through the woods and brush. My teammate who was not well camoed went out in front of me. He stood out in the open kind of as a distraction. Then one of the good kids (Shocker kid) was crawling through the woods with us. I seen him before he saw me. He was taking aim at my friend and so I just let out about twenty shots. The fast ROF helps with Spray and Pray. He gets out, but my gun even with a 14 inch Boomstick is loud as chuck. So the best kid there hears all the fire and when my friend walks out of the brush he gets lit up. However, my friend was closing in on him and the good kid knew he had to move. The Impulse kid took off running... and here is another MAJOR TIP. Shoot where they are running so that they run into the paint... don't shoot at them. Just shoot a steady stream so that it's unavoidable and they slide into it. That's what I did and I got him twice. Then the Tippman kid was the only kid left. I had the Autococker kid on my team... so we set out looking for him. Here is the most effective tactic in woods as I have found. Flanking. I saw the kid behind a tree, so I told Autococker to go up from the left. I came right and drew his fire while Autococker shot at him. Tippman backed out enough for me to shoot him in the leg and chest. Bunkering is really important, as well as listening.
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