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how to play the snake
well, if u don't have a back player that can remember where u r, ur screwed, leave the snake for the other team, hope they slip up. plan to get the snake before the game, tell every (one back players (like me)) if some one from the other team is about to go up to the sanke, take him down, unload, keep that guy back. have a code word for the guy in the sanke that a guy is coming, he is a threat, then say where he is. he must be taken out if u have 2 or more back players, keep a guy watching the snake, make shure u have a shooting lane in the visinity of the snake if u get into the snake, make shure u listen to every one ur team and there's. Why? u r in a sense the tourney version of a listening post being that the snake is usually up front. to play the snake u must be aware of where the other players are, and where the shooting lanes are...u must walk the field before u play. ur job in the snake is to take out the back men, not the front men no one in between, tell ur players to keep every one down till u can take shots on the back players, then if ur team is organized enough, another front man will shoot at him from another angle. efectivly pinning him down, this is a key moment for bunkering don't give it up.. not the guy in the snake though, he's gotta stay
the one exception to the no front player rules...take out the guy that is in ur line of sit...he's behind his bunker but u can still hit him, should be an easy shot just make shure u ahve a lil cover
i sugest haveing a hand sign;l. like raise a fist if ur about to pop up, do it quickly...that or yell out a code blue dog or some wierd thing like that
once ur team has taken out all the fronts...u can be a lil more relaxed....but watch those back players....they want u dead just as much as u want to tek them down
if ur ina flag game...the snake shouldn't be the person with the much of a risk of loosing the flag isf something goes wrong

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