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Materials :

Spray bottle
Baby Shampoo (tear free stuff like Johnson's)

Mix a solution of water and shampoo. I recommend anywhere from 5:1 to 10:1 (water : shampoo) in the spray bottle. You can experiment with different strenghts of the solution for best results. Spray the solution on you goggles or eyeglasses and wipe off any excess. I provide no guarantee of success. Success is up to you. This no-fog spray is used by SCUBA divers around the world, but even under extreme conditions (high heat and humidity) even this will fail. So don't count on it as being a fix-all solution because there is none when it comes to keeping goggles fog-free. Except using a combination, fan, spray, and thermal lenses. Even then you still run into the occasional foggy lense.

Good Luck
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