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Originally posted by JorynnRace
Question: Why is it always "Team" this and "Team" that. Its not Team Calgary Flames, or Team Vancouver Canucks, or Team Raptors... etc etc... IMO adding "Team" to begining of your team name is pretty unoriginal.

I'm sure some of you will say, "Its a paintball thing"... yeah? well who says its the rule? We know yer a team, why call yourself a team? I personnally think Momentum sounds better then Team Momentum, and the same goes for the other ones...

so why not be original? Drop the "Team", and be firm about it.
Or be sheep, and join the Team.
I don't know why but Vancouver is a city in a league so it sounds funny. WHy do people put "Ace1", whats the point of no.1 on the end of a tag?
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Originally posted by RunsW/Scissors
I agree with AK47 he knows what he's talking about
Atleast someone noticed

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