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Aggresiveness, awareness, and anything else anyone has said will help A LOT!!! Depending on what kind of woods you play in, is what you will need. If it is in a place with not a lot of vegitation, and kind of skinny trees, don't try to be so d*mn stealthy!!! It's not gonna help! So be aggressive and pressure them into their own loss. Last time I played in a place like that, I won a 2 on 1(me), twice in that day, cuz I was agressive.

Now if you play in places with a lot of vegitation and brush and so on, slow the hell down!!! Still be aggressive, just slow down and be safe. Try not to be seen for as long as possible and keep pretty quiet. But don't lose yer team mates. Stay kind of close to them, but don't sit in a group cuz that's just an easy target. Keep contact. Another thing is don't figure that you are invincable, cuz yer not. Also flanking is a must in any kind of paintball. Do this right and you can eliminate anyone if you do it right. Use everything you got. If heavy cover, use it. If not, try to play speedball like, but still remember yer in the woods. And try to do things that yer opponents wouldn't expect. It works. Go where they wouldn't, do what they wouldn't, do everything they wouldn't. It will work if you got the balls.

That's it! Good luck!
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