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Got to be a beast

rarr you need to be vicious just keep moving and charge with two people. The other team may panick if there is only one or two people, expessually if they are in the same bunker. Dont walk up tall or fast on hilltops the light sky as a backround kinda gives you away. Ive seen people from about a quarter of a mile away on a hill. Some pallets have holes aim for them.spruce trees make nice shaddy spots to hide, and maybe if you want jump out and suprise someone. Dont trip either.And if you get charged calm down aim and shoot them. dont run. Pump guns work in woods for hide and shoot. AIM AIM AIM AIM. and a super hint a most SPECTACULAR HINT THE BEST YOU MUST READ>>> dont hide in the best spot, the biggest bush, or thickest vegeatation that is very predictable theyll search it. instead hide in average looking area maybe with a log nearbye or something to stop paint. Trust me very important. if you play ctf without paintball guns you learn this the other team will search everywhere that is real good but not every inch of the average world.
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