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Q: What are the differences between the mag levels?

A: All levels before 7: the old mags, mostly in the developmental stages, not produced anymore. If you have a mag its either a lvl 5 (kind of rare now) or 7-10.

lvl 1-3: blowback "Panther" markers, never made production
lvl 4: First mag prototype (not produced)
lvl 5: First production mag
lvl 6: Mag that featured a smaller air chamber (again, not mass produced)

lvl 7: The standard mag valve (the one on classics, and minimags), replaced the PT spring with PT spacers.

lvl 8: The origional RT valve.

lvl 9: The Retro/RT pro/Emag valve (different cosmetics in each gun type)

lvl 10: An upgrade to all previous levels. Featureing a new all steel superbolt, a new powertube tip, and other various parts in between. The major advantage? NO BREAKS. See the LvL 10 FAQ for details.

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