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obvious tip....

what i always do in woodland ball, especially if it's attack and defend.... try to disappear from the game for a little while. Travel all the way the boundries of the field, and flank the enemy. Most people who use this tactic are spotted and come under fire from the enemy, because they dont get far enough away from the action. They usually still can out flank the other team, but now the other team knows that they need to defend two sides. So, be sure to travel about 70 yards (if the field permits) away from the enemy position, then start to move around their flanks. Make sure to take another person with u though. If you get around their side without being seen you should be able to take about 5 of the other team w/ no problem. Thats when your partner comes in handy, because the remaining team will know u r there. Anyways, give it a shot next time. Lemme know what happened.
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