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Ok, I'm sure you all have gotten my point by now. The fact of the matter is, it is totally unreasonable to waltz in here and have someone spend $1000 or more FOR you. There must be a million threads on "which gun should I buy" and nearly 95% of the questions are opinionated. "Is it complicated" for example.
Good grief, you guys are about to buy some high end electro, and you want somemone to spend $800 or more on some gun. You want gun information? Go to the SPECIFIC MARKER FORUMS. You want to know the highs and lows of the gun? Go to the SPECIFIC MARKER FORUMS. You want to know about upgradesw and the like? GO TO THE MISC EQUIPMENT FORUMS. AND DECIDE FOR YOUR BLOODY SELF! How are WE supposed to know if you think an autococker is too complicated. How are WE supposed to know what you consider a "light" gun. And if you want to know where to FIND the gun cheapest when you actually decide on one, YOU'VE APPARENTLY GOT INTERNET ACCESS LIKE WE DO!
I mean, come on, half the blowback guys pretty much walk into our forums saying "I just bought a such and such, I'm having this problem, what do I do?" I expect gun maintenence questions out of newbies and the like in Blowback forums. Not questions like "There's a hissing from the solenoid, what's wrong?" from someone that just sent $1800 on a custom Angel.
The Blowback guys are about to get this same lecture if I have time, but good god, we must have GIGS of server space DEVOTED to gun information, and no one looks at them to decide for themselves which gun they should get!
Have you seen how many people argue over "Autococker or Angel?" You ask that question you're not going to get ANY ONE answer, and don't expect to either. You'll STILL have to make the decision by yourself.

End of story. You wanna buy a gun? Some of you would get mind boggled by the options in Wally World.
I understand asking about ONE kind of gun, say for example "Has the anti-chop eye in the Timmy given anyone any trouble?" but when you start asking "Should I get this or that" you're begging to get a million different answers.
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