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well after my recent tourny i have some more experienced knowlege...and some more stuff to add
if ur out in the open...ur shooting no matter every angle every place a ball could come at you,
when u get into your bunker bring ur gun down so the hopper is under ur mask...other wise sooner or later...ur gelt hopper shot
no matter what...if u have to caugh...u have an eyelid twitch...tell your team...especially if ur gonna move, reload, or clean up a break
make hsure u know where ur shooting at...make shure that ther is a person in the bunker ur shooting at.
when u walk the feild...asign each bunker an individual name...u should beable to visualize which bunker people are talking about so u can just pop out take 5 shots and get back in
off the break...if ur sprintng take a few shots on ur way not saying take time to saying just shoot
if u can overhere the other team...and u know their info is wrong bout something...tell ur team to wathc for people coming out of a bunker to take try and hit an unmaned bunker
off the break...u should have one front man going to atleast the 40
first pull doesn;t happen as quick as some people think it does...always have one back man watching the flag...make shure that they got a beed on it, so if he sees something move...doesn't matter if it's a ball, he shoots at it...well not really but u get the point
for mid players...u should hit ur bunker, then start firing down each side of the 50.
tape runers watch ur angles, make shure u can see the flag, if it's on teh side of one bunker have a tap runner use a shooting lane right next 2 it, that way if he sees some one, the back and him both have an angel on the flag
well that's it for today

O BTW, Newbie is demeaning...muppet is the proper term...and u know it gek
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