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I just don't see how you guys find it so annoying; it’s just an Internet forum. It's not as though people keeping calling you at your house and waking you up at all hours to ask a question regarding which marker they should buy. Just don't read the post. People don't go to the marker specific threads because they are afraid of getting a bias response. Despite all that, I do agree with you guys somewhat. I doubt people do little if any research before they ask "what should I buy?” and when people ask an uneducated question, they tend get an uneducated response. So when people do go to research peoples comparisons, all they find is a bunch of spam. Then it starts all over again; they keep asking the same stupid question and getting the same stupid answer. Yeah it's a waste of space, but we don't need an entire thread devoted to announcing the obvious. It's a waste just like the others. So go enroll your self’s in anger management, or just learn ignore all of those pointless threads out this one.
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