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Q: I am considering a Retro Valve. Should I get it?

A: Well, there are a few things you should take into consideration before dishing out the dough.

1. Is a high ROF important? If it is, then this valve is for you. It is the fastest recharging valve in existance, and with practice it is possible to shoot as fast as any gun (including electronic guns in semi mode and even faster).

2. Do I have nitro/HPA? If you answered no, then you are in trouble. Due to the design of the mag, you MUST use Nitrogen/HPA with the Retro Valve.

3. Do I have a hopper that can keep up with the Retro Valve? Becuase of the very high ROF, you are going to need a good aggitated hopper. The 9-volt revy probably will not cut it.

4. Do I like to snap-shoot, play the sniper, or play "one-shot one-kill"? If you answered yes, then you may have a problem. The Retro Valve has "shoot-up", meaning that your velocity increases as you shoot faster. For this reason, you must set your velocity way below your feilds max velocity limit so you are not running hot. Because of this, single shots are not as effective. The Retro Valve is great for shooting strings of shots or bursts, but the shootup may cause problems with single or spaced out shots.

5. Do I have an adjustable tank? It is recommended that an adjustable tank is used in conjunction with the Retro Valve so the "reactiveness" of the trigger can be adjusted. A preset tank will work, but some people are not happy with the performance and/or reactiveness of the trigger of the Retro Valve with a preset tank.
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