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Set Up

Sounds like a great beginner set up, but I think you should change one thing: DON'T USE A 32* EXPANSION CHAMBER!!! They are horrible, they leak, freeze, fall apart, and just all around crappy. ( i know this because I had one on my old Spyder Compact, My friends both had them one their spyder's too. Everybody i play with has owned one at one time or another, and they suck.

Go for an ACI Sub-Zero six-stage, or a PsychoBallistics X-Core 8 Stage Expansion Chamber. Otherwise, great marker set up, and LONG LIVE PAINTBALL!!!

2k2 Blue Vertical Feed Autococker

-68Cubic Inch Pure Energy 4500 system
-12 Volt Revvie w/ X-Board
-Psycho Ballistics Universal Drop
-Smart Parts Freak(14in)
-Dye Sticky Grip & Tank Cover
-KAPP Reflex Frame *NEW*
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