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kInG oF p8bAll
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get a

BrAzZ eAgLe bLaDe aNd pUt "dArK bLaDe on it" lol j/k

gEt a SpYdEr sHuTtEr aNd pUt a NeW bArrAl oN iT

;P l8ta dAwG
tHa KiNg is BaCk dAwG

fInD me sHooTiN

BlAcK 2k2 TiPpmAn mODeL 98C
CleAr dYe StIckZ
dOUbLe fIngA tRiGGA
rEzPoNcE tRiGgA
VL 200 LoAdEr
dYe mInI-GaUgE
68ci 20oz AnTi-SiPhOn.

:::SoOn 2 hAvE:::

NiTrO tAnK
12v ReVy w/ xBoarD
pAinT jOb
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