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Pbreview Faq - Tribals.....

Ok, i wrote this thing up so here goes. If anything is wrong, please tell me...

Ok I keep getting lots of questions on AIM, and we get lots of questions here, so I will start a faq. and anyone
who wants to continue can do so...

Q. Is toxic Toys still Around?

A. No, but , and are and they can do anythign and everything.

Q. Will there ever be another Tribal?

A. Talk to me262 about that, depends on if he can ever get his car to work good for a few months it looks like

Q. Big Question, how much do they cost?

A. depends on how good of a smooth talker you are, generally $200 - $450 , could go as low as $100 or as high as $500

Q. Where can I buy a tribal

A. you can get a hold of Have Blue at , he has them for sale, just because there not up he still MIGHT
have one or 2, email him to find out
Or get a hold of Me262 at , he's having car problems and is prolly looking to sell one or two
Or check on our lovely forums here.
Or go over to Pbnation and check, in the tribal forum there

Q. I want a LPR, where do I get one

A. Me262 will prolly be your only bet, HB is not taking orders as of the moment to work on things, you could buy the LPR from HB and
put it on yourself, but i wouldnt recomend that.

Q. how much will a LPR cost me from Me262.

A. I believe it will cost you $35 and the cost of a reg. so you can send him a LPR or he might get one and charge
you for it.

Q. What is a good LPR.

A. A good LPR is a Palmer Rock, or Palmer MIcrorock, also The jackhammer is good

check this out -

Q. how many shots will I get off a tank

A. I dont know, I'll get back to you on estimates

Q. Can I use Co2 on my tribal

A. Yes you can, HB uses it and so do other tribal owners, supposedly a 20 oz. will get you 2000 shots.
But YOU HAVE TO , YOU MUST ANTI-SYPHON it.... or Remote,

Q. I have a 2x trigger I want a 1x trigger... what do i do (or vice-versa)

A. OK check the forums again, or get a hold of HB, see if he has one laying around, or worst comes to worse I think
Me262 will make you a new one for $30... so no need to worry.

Q. I want a new bolt!

A. So get one! I think Me262 said hed make one for $25

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