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if it was that bad how come you didnt send me an e-mail about it. if you remember i had told you how i could tell one was alot older gun by the marks all over the body, the quality of aluminum used (not so good alloy, wasnt exactly 6061, had zinc content) and the fact it looked like it had been tried to have the old ano sanded off. mostly the reason the newer one has a nicer finish. its body was perfect except the dinks in it where it had been hit by the other body, sitting against it with nothing to protect between them in shipping. i tried to polish it up, which i had told you this and explained it all in messaging before. and showed you the pic and i thought all was understood. i had told you that the older body woulndt be as glossy unless i spent ALOT of time resmoothing and polishing of the body.

it helps to know from the people what is wrong so it can be fixed, instead of hearing about it somewhere else, if your not happy TELL ME, dont just post where i rarely look.

and they are the ones in the pic paint bull attached.
his is the bottom one, as was showed him before i sent them back.
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