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if you look very close those are tiny pits in the aluminum, trapped pockets of air when the body was extruded. they are actually in another matrix i have here that is very old. its still has factory ano. only reason you didnt notice them before was it was black. find someone with another early one and look at the body closely, it will have the same small pits. only way to get rid of them is to sand the area down smooth, which would take alot of time, and take off quite a bit of material to smooth. there more noticable with the grayish color because more dye was trapped in those pits.

i also figured out why they ended up a blueish color :O, one of the guys helping me out was mixing a custom color for me, and ended up pouring a cup of blue into my gray dye, then he didnt tell me because he didnt think it would matter. needless to say no one else gets near the dye anymore.
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