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Trigger Install
props to mighty_mace at paintball city for this one.

You might want to disconnect any drop forward/cradles you have at this time.

1.) First, remove the 3 screws holding the rubber (or pewter) wrap-around grips on the gun. You only need to remove the side with the chip.

2.) Next, carefully, disconnect the small plug housing the 4? wires which connects to your board. Make a note of which way the plug reinstalls. **Be gentle with this part as to not damage anything.

3.) Carefully remove the 2 screws connecting the grip frame from the marker. The plug you disconnected in step 2 will be hanging from the body of the matrix now. Your grip frame will be separate.

4.) You can now take the trigger spring and set it to the side. You will see a small silver pin directly above the trigger. This is the pin that holds the trigger in the frame. With a small diameter pin punch....gently tap out the silver pin releasing the trigger from the frame. (see pic at bottom for pin punch reference)

5.) The trigger will now pull up through the frame. Look at your new trigger and set the adjustment set screws to the relative same positon as on the stock trigger so you have a good starting point when making adjustments to your new trigger.

6.) After getting the set screws close, reinsert the new trigger, and line up the hole in the frame with the hole in the trigger. Carefully tap the silver pin you removed through the hole.

7.) Be sure to put the spring back in the new trigger, and carefully line up the grip frame with the body. Be careful not to pinch the small wires on the plug you removed. Plug the small wire harness into the socket on the board.

8.) Reattatch the grip frame to the marker and you are ready for testing. You then make all other adjustments to the new trigger the same way you did the stock one. Make certain that you are not pressing the small microswitch arm against the houseing, or it may break over time.
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