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I played at CTF with my cousin Ryan. It was a Sunday walk-on and the guys there said I should come back on vet night. I had to leave for Edmonton Monday though

It seems like an alright field. The people working there were nice and the field was bigger than what I was used to.

There were 3 little kids(10-11) who kept talking to me. They thought I was a pro because I had my own gun. It was hilarious.
Ref: "you're hit on the hopper."
Glenn: "That's not a hit."
Ref: "....that's not a hit."
Glenn: "The guy in the dorrito is hit."
Ref: "...the guy in the dorrito is hit. I'll go pull him."
(Jedi mind trick)

You're getting what? Hunkered?

Front players do it on their knees, Back players do it from the rear ..... and mid players do it anywhere they can get it.

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Bunch of freaking children.
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