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Communication is one of the most important things in a paintball game

the first thing to do is to stay close enough to at least one other person to see and hear eisily.

then there is code words. If you play in an adventure game with field as big as 3 miles it might be smart to have some. but other then that confusing code words are just that - confusing.

back players as previously stated should know where every one on the field is. But alot of back players actually loose the game for the hole team because of lack of communication. if some one is running at a team mates bunker try to shoot him of course but don't just do that a simple "Joe, guy comming at you on your left!" will do just fine.
Name the bunkers.

not dumb names like sally, ****, and jane. but people come from different backgrounds verticle can bunkers are called beer cans, pop cans, and a lot of stuff. be sure the whole team knows what all the bunkers are called.

repitition is good to. keep an accurate "kill count" the back players should be responsible for repeting this about every 30 seconds.

get a response.


Untill they say something back

Other wise it is in one ear out the other.
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