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Originally posted by WingZER0
Calgary Alberta, same as Sid here. I usually play at the CTF indoor field as a walk on player cause 1) I'm a loner and 2) CTF is only 20 mins away from me.

Yo Sid, I was wondering. Do you usually Play at CTF, Rampage, or MR??
I usually play at Bragg Creek(MR's outdoor) or MR indoor, because we play in MR's tournaments.

I'm not all that partial though, I go where the action is. Last year I went to a big game in Leduc. It was awesome, 250+ people. I've also gone up to olds for a few practices here and there. I played the last big game at Cochrane though, which was fun. I also played a big game at Rampage last year. It really depends, I play pretty much everything; rec, big games, and tournament.
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