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I don't have a picture, but I have a story. Back in the day when I used a rental Tippmann, this dude with an Automag walked in. It was the first time I saw anything like it. I also learnt that he had been playing for 8 years. I was totally freaked out when he went onto the opponents team. The game started and I ran to a bunker. I was playing front and I noticed that the Automag dude took out both of our right players. Being the closest to him I started firing. Being the scared n00b that I was, I didn't hit him. I had so much adrenaline pumping that I didn't notice how he had shot me 10-15 times (I kid you not) on my back. I walked out when I noticed a break on my hopper.

I still have 4 scars that look like a cat's claw marks, expect that they're a lot thicker. Each of them are a good 3 inches long as well. I'll post a picture when I get time .
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