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reneirwolf878 i used a cleaning fluid that came w/my new glasses to clean my goggles. My glasses are made of plastic and i only used the spray cause the water left streaks all over my mask (JT spectra). The mask should still b fine right?

no it is not fine those solutions are made for your glasses not jt lenses,there are millions of different types of plastic

replace your lens immedeitly or loose a eye,it's that simple

i know alot of people who have used dish soap and shampoo
over the years with no problems

BUT it could void your warrenty or right to sue if the lens fails and you loose a eye due to a odd chemical in the particular soap you use

water is best just run clean cool water over it then air dry

you can get soft lens cloths from jt or eye glass stores,3m makes a nice one that,will take care of streaks and are a no-chemical safe way of cleaning
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