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I like taking my aftermarket barrels off so they think u have a stock, then screw it on when they are out of sight, and they get sloppy. Screw it off after ya get them to.
Charging is good
Crawling is good
Grenades are good
Drawing attention is good
Staying with a teamate is good
Flanks are good
Ambushes are Great

O yea Paintballs help too, guess they are good

Get someone to take off there camo (draws attention) and place them in the middle. Put people to the sides and another person to be seen, what for them to attack the group drawing attention, until they are close. Then shoot them. Make them get cocky and over estimate you somehow, when they get sloppy they die.
I used everyonee of these today through 2 hours of paintball in the woods with 12 people. I came out with 10 kills, and 1 nasty shot someone landed on my mask, that went in my mouth.
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